Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ole Miss Gets Creative With 5 Star Defensive End

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Monday, July 21, 2014

In the Mood for Football

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Don't You Dare Dis on Dak

Want to know a good way to get your Mississippi State friends so riled up they can't see straight and watch smoke steam from their ears and fireballs shoot from fingertips and onto their keyboards? Just publish a story with the warning that it's too early to start talking about Bulldog quarterback Dak Prescott for Heisman. That's what Clarion Ledger reporter Hugh Kellenberger wrote during media days last week, and you would have thought Kellenberger wrote something politically incorrect on Twitter (I was trying to think of something that would draw the most dramatic over-reaction possible and something politically incorrect on Twitter was what I came up with - there's an entirely separate story there).

"Kellenberger isn't neutral!" the State fans screamed into their computers.

The complaint is perhaps one of the more ironic I've seen. Kellenberger, the Clarion Ledger's Ole Miss beat writer, spends a great deal of time on Twitter condescending to any reporter or blogger he thinks is not neutral. He's actually self-righteous about his neutrality. Kellenberger even called a guy out at SEC Media Days for clapping (and it was just one clap!). He devotes great portions of his time shaming reporters who aren't neutral and equal portions making sure we all know he is the most neutral person in the press box. You can say a lot of things about Kellenberger, but to say he's biased is well....absurd (and hilarious).

But Mississippi State fans were enraged. So much so that the Clarion Ledger's Sports Editor wrote an email defending the Kellenberger article to a Mississippi State Message Board. You can read the responses for yourself. Off. The. Rails.

In a nutshell, what Kellenberger said was that while Prescott has great potential (that much is undeniable), the bar set by previous Heisman winners is very high and Prescott's stats from 2013 aren't exactly chart-toppers:
Prescott completed 58.4 percent of his passes in 2013, 11th among the 13 SEC quarterbacks with enough attempts to qualify. He threw 10 touchdowns to seven interceptions, a TD-to-INT ratio more on par with Arkansas' Brandon Allen (13-10) than Manziel. Prescott's ability to run (829 yards, 13 touchdowns) masked a 11-for-28 passing effort within the redzone. During the Egg Bowl comeback, he nearly threw an interception with six minutes remaining and made a couple of poor decisions and throws on run/pass read-options.
Numbers don't lie, but the story contained more reality than Mississippi State fans could stomach.


Because for the first time in nearly.....ever.....Mississippi State has a quarterback worthy of a little excitement, and heaven help the poor sap who tries to take that away from them. Quarterback is the position that has plagued the Bulldogs since the beginning of football. When Ole Miss had Archie, Mississippi State had (Google it....I have no idea, but you get the point). When the Rebels had Eli the Bulldogs had that guy that looks like Chris Rock. That Chris Relf guy could really run.

When it comes to quarterback play Ole Miss has always had Mississippi State beat, and you know what that does to Bulldogs....it drives them absolutely off the charts bonkers (which is funny considering the Bulldogs have won four out of the last 5 Egg Bowls. Why can't they just enjoy it?).

Mississippi State fan's outrage at Kellenberger isn't so much about the Heisman, or neutrality or even defending Dak Prescott's chances. For Mississippi State, Prescott offers the chance to finally have a quarterback that might be good enough to touch the tail end of Eli Manning's shoe laces, and if a reporter dares challenge that premise he will be met with a full brunt of cowbell clang.

And that's why this year's official water cooler competition of Bo Wallace vs. Dak Prescott will be so entertaining. As you already know Prescott was preseason selected 2nd Team All-SEC. Wallace, with a list of accomplishments that runs far longer than Prescott's and with statistics that completely eclipse anything Prescott has done, was voted to the 3rd Team. Understandably, Wallace was openly disappointed by the vote. Both quarterbacks will likely have good seasons. Which will be the best? And, yes, it obviously DOES matter.

Sure, wins and losses are all that really count, but after that, the sub-plot of Dak vs. Bo promises to be a lot of fun this season...for rational fans. For the irrational...well I guess that'll make it even more fun.