Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Eli Manning in Primetime

I know many of you enjoy watching Eli Manning play every time you get the chance. The NFL released the 2014 schedules tonight, and the Giants have quite a few national primetime games to put on your calendar.
Giants 2014 Primetime Matchups:
Sept 8 (Monday) +Detroit Lions
Sept 25 (Thursday) +Washington Redskins
Oct 12 (Sunday) +Philadelphia Eagles
Nov 3 (Monday) +Indianapolis Colts
Nov 23 (Sunday) +DallasCowboys

The Giants finished a disappointing 7-9 in 2013. It was one of Eli's worst year's statistically, but he's hardly to blame. The team was devoid of playmakers. Here's hoping Manning's surrounding cast is ready to get this team back to the top of the NFC East in 2014.

Just four full months (May, June, July & August....I am keeping up) remain until football season!

Freeze, Saban Tee it Up

Hugh Freeze and Sean Tuohy are paired with Nick Saban and Mark Ingram in today's Chickfila Bowl Golf Challenge.

Oh to be a fly on one of those golf bags.
Here's a quick Top 10 on things that may or may not have happened on the course today based on my vast knowledge of Hugh Freeze and Nick Saban.

1. Saban complained about Freeze's speed of play. "Is this really what we want golf to become?" he definitely yelled or yells at Freeze sometime today then suggests Freeze wait five minutes between swings to decrease the likelihood of injury.

2. On the 3rd hole Mark Ingram somehow manages to break free on a 4th and 1 for a 99-yard touchdown.

3. Tyler Siskey caddied for Saban, advising as to exactly which club Freeze would use in any given situation.

4. Saban threw a club and ran his hands through his hair and paced back and forth on the tee box yelling at no one in particular and everyone who could hear how ridiculous golf is, letting a curse word or two or 12 fly. The word "process" is discerned several times, and Saban continues to mutter process in each of his subsequent 438 practice swings.

5. Sometime shortly after No. 4, and in a completely non-confrontational way, Freeze shared some of his favorite inspirational Tweets with Saban.

6. Saban returns the favor by offering Freeze a free beer from one of those complimentary barrels after the 9th hole.

7. After Freeze outdrives Saban by 75 yards on yet another hole and Saban resumes screaming at the sky Freeze suggests that Saban loosen his shirt up a little so he could have free range of motion on his swing.

7a. Freeze's suggestion in No. 7 works and Saban's rage morphs into a consuming fire.

8. Freeze won the front 9, but Saban's power running game was more than Freeze could handle on the back.

9. A Hugh Freeze hole-in-one to win the match is reversed on a targeting penalty and Freeze is ejected. Saban is declared the winner. After instant replay it was ruled that Freeze didn't actually touch anyone or hit anyone, but the hole-in-one was still called back and Saban was declared the winner.

10. Ole Miss officials complain about the targeting penalty to the SEC, reminding the conference that there is no such thing as targeting penalties in golf, but the SEC pretends it has no idea what Ole Miss is talking about and asks Ole Miss to go away before it calls the police.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Donte Moncrief Back on Twitter

Donte Moncrief is trying to get his Twitter profile looking good before the upcoming NFL Draft.

Hidden Talent

ESPN's SEC Blog named the most successful players in the conference who were rated as three-stars or lower coming out of high school.
All-American safety Cody Prewitt fit the profile.

Prewitt may be following in the footsteps of former Rebel Patrick Willis, one of the best linebackers in the NFL. He was a 3-star, too. NFL receiver Mike Wallace was a 2-star.

Players like Prewitt, Willis and Wallace will always be good reminders that successful recruiting isn't always just about the 5-stars.

How the SEC Could Turn the Screws on DIRECTV Even Tighter

Clay Travis has an idea for how the SEC Network could put even more pressure on DIRECTV and Comcast to pick up the new network, set to launch in August:
Clemson at Georgia is by far the best of the unscheduled SEC openers. And it leaves me with a big question, would the SEC Network be bold enough to grab that Clemson at Georgia game and put it on the SEC Network? ESPN and the SEC have the rights to this game this since the hosting team's television deal, Georgia in this case, gets the rights to the game the network could definitely do it.

SEC Scheduling Talk

For once, Nick Saban and I agree on something.
I know I'm probably in the minority among Ole Miss fans on this, but I would like to see the SEC switch to a 9-game SEC schedule. Games against Idaho and Presbyterian are the waste of a perfectly good Saturday. The reason the powers that be at Ole Miss would like to stick to an 8-game conference schedule is to try to ensure 6-win seasons and bowl eligibility. That makes sense I guess, but I just like to watch good football, and on those Saturday's when Ole Miss plays nobodies it's hard to find the motivation to leave the couch, ESPN and CBS. I'd rather watch the Rebels play South Carolina than a directional school from Louisiana.

A 9-game conference schedule would also make the SEC's television package more valuable and thereby make the new SEC Network more appealing to DIRECTV, Comcast and advertisers. Expect Mike Slive to push for a 9-game schedule when this gets discussed in the coming weeks.

Ole Miss Falls Flat in Governor's Cup

The Mississippi State Bulldogs put it to Ole Miss in the Governor's Cup Tuesday night, winning 8-3 in front of a large Trustmark Park crowd in Pearl. While the game doesn't count in the conference standings, the Bulldogs can still say they evened their record against the Rebels to 2-2, and that just stinks.

There's really nothing worse than losing to State.
See what I mean?

“We only got three hits and didn’t apply pressure consistently,” said Ole Miss head coach Mike Bianco. “We had opportunities, but we couldn’t get that big hit. They did the opposite on their side and got the big hits tonight and the two-out RBI.

Ole Miss had 3 hits to State's 11.

A win would have given the Rebels a win over a Top 50 RPI team (State's 40th). Mississippi State and Ole Miss are currently tied at 3rd place in the SEC's Western Division with identical 10-8 conference records. 

The Rebels travel to Kentucky (26-14, 9-9) this weekend.

Ole Miss, which fell from No. 10 to No. 13 in this week's USA Today Coaches Poll after dropping 2 of 3 to LSU over the weekend, has now dropped 3 of its last 4 and is 30-12 on the year. Mississippi State is 27-15.

Stating the obvious: Ole Miss needs to win the series in Kentucky or the Rebels will begin to play their way out of their goal or hosting an NCAA Regional.


SEC Network Launches Ad Campaign

As its August launch draws closer the SEC Network launched school-specific television ads today. Here's the Ole Miss version:

The SEC Network has already been picked up by Dish and AT&T's U-verse, but negotiations are ongoing with the juggernauts like DIRECTV and Comcast.