Thursday, July 2, 2015

TMZ Posts Photos of Tunsil's Stepdad

It looks like Laremy Tunsil landed more than one punch on his stepdad, Lindsey Miller, who has  now sent the injury photos to TMZ. LINK

That said, we'll probably never know exactly what happened that night. I'm 100 percent NOT buying stepdaddy's story that Tunsil jumped him for no reason other than his stepdad's displeasure at Tunsil being in the presence of sports agents. That makes zero sense. Neither does stepdad's dogged determination to torpedo Tunsil's college career. If Miller was so concerned about Tunsil being with sports agents because of the negative effects they might have on Tunsil's college career then why is he now filing criminal charges and sending pictures to TMZ, which could possibly have worse consequences for Tunsil?

This is a sad situation being made worse by a selfish stepdad who is up to no good.

Monday, June 22, 2015